Medical Miracles: Faith, Fact or Fiction

Benjamin Tonna Lecture 2012 by Prof. David Mostofsky

    • David Mostofsky
      Professor of Psychology at the Boston University

      David I. Mostofsky is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Laboratory for Behavioral Medicine Research at Boston University. He recieved his PhD at Boston University in Experimental Psychology, and is a charter member of the Academy for Behavioral Medicine Research. He directed a program in Behavioral Neurology at Children's Hospital Medical Center (Boston, MA), which was the beginning of many studies that examined the effectiveness of behavioral control of seizure disorders, pain, and oter paroxymal disorders. He was awarded a Senior International Fellowship - NIH Public Health Service, Fulbright Fellowship, Norway Marshall Fund Award, Rene Calderon Soria Award (Bolivia), and Distinguished Lecturer (Japan). His research and and interests are described in over 100 Journal and monograph publications, & over 20 edited volumes, and include studies that were conducted with both animals and human patients, that primarily employed biofeedback, operant conditioning, and polyunsaturated fatty acids supplementation. He is currently Wiley-BlackwellSeries Editor for "Handbooks in Behavioral Neuroscience", and Editor of the "Handbook of Behavioral Medicine (in press)". Most recently he was the Inaugural Speaker for the First Sino-US Symposium on Behavioral Medicine & Psychosomatic Medicine (Beijing, China 2008). The currehnt menu of his active research and writings include School Teacher Workshops in Behavioral Medicine; Anorexia and other Eating Disorders; Fatigue: The Illusory Search for Credibility & Treatment. 

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