Il Concilio Vaticano II Ieri, Oggi, Domani

Discern Annual Lecture 2010 by H.L.Mgr. Luigi Bettazzi

    • H.L.Mgr. Luigi Bettazzi
      Bishop Emeritus of Ivrea

      Bettazzi was born in Treviso and was ordained a priest on 4 August 1946. Bettazzi was appointed Auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Bologna, as well as titular bishop of Thagaste, on 10 August 1963 and ordained on 4 October 1963. Bettazzi was appointed bishop of the Diocese of Ivrea on 26 November 1966 where he would remain until his retirement on 20 February 1999. Bettazzi is "the only surviving bishop of the original 40 who signed the" Pact of the catacombs in 1965.[1]

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