A Christian looks at the EU Social Dimension

Benjamin Tonna Lecture 2005 by Prof. Vera Negri Zamagni

    • A Christian looks at the EU Social Dimension
      Benjamin Tonna Lecture 2005 by Prof. Vera Negri Zamagni
      University of Bologna, Italy

      Vera Negri Zamagni read for degrees in historyand philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan and a D.Phil. in economic history, at the University of Oxford. In 2001 she was awarded Degree Honoris Causa from the University of Umea (Sweden).

      Since 1993 she holds the Professorial Chair of Economic History at the University of Bologna. She is also Visting Professor of European Economic History and European Economic Integration at the Bologna Centre of the Johns Hopkins University. Besides this she held teaching posts at the Universities of Trieste (1975-79), Florence (1979-87), Bologna (1987-90), and Cassino (1990-93).

      Besides publishing 7 books, 13 edited others and more than 70 essays, mostly in Italian, but a few in Englishand some in Spanish; she also serves on the editorial board of: Rivista di storia economica, Revista de Historia Economica, Enterprise and Society, European Yearbook of Business history. She is Founder and first editor (in partnership) of the European Review of Economic History (1997-2001) and also a member of the history advisory board of the prestigious publishing house Il Mulino. Her research interests include Italian economic history, with special reference to reconstruction of national income estimates, regional disequilibria, income distribution and wages, state intervention, evolution of the cooperative movement.

      Professor Zamagni was Secretary General of the Italian Economic History Society (1989-1993), member of the Italian National Research Council (1194-1999), trustee of the Bologna branch of the Bank of Italy (1996-2000). Politically, she was the Vice-president of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Government (2000-2002). She has been Secretary General of the Bologna Institute for Catholic Culture Veritatis Splendor since its foundation in 1999.

      She is marroed to professor Stefano Zamagni and has two daughters and three grandchildren.