Religion, Democracy and Nationhood

Gaudium Et Spes Lecture 2017: Religion, Democracy and Nationhood by John Milbank

    • Religion, Democracy and Nationhood

      by John Milbank

      John Milbank is Emeritus-Professor of Religion, Politics and Thics, and Director of the Centre of Theology and Philosophy at the Univeristy of Nottingham. He is the founder of the radical orthodoxy movement and one of the most distinguished and controversial theologians currently working in the UK. He joined Nottingham's Department of Theology in September 2004 and previously taught at the Universities of Lancaster, Cambridge and Virginia.
      He has endeavoured to resist the idea that secular norms of understanding should set the agenda for theology and has tried to promote the sense that Christianity offers a rich and viable account of the whole of reality. At the same time, he tends to insist that Christianityis itself eclectic nd fuses many traditions - particularly of biblical narrative with that of Greek philosophy. Professor Milbank has constant interests in developing a poliyical and social theology - critical of the liberationist current as insufficiently theological, while retaining a left-leaning prespective.
      John Milbank is the author nof many books, including Theology and Social Theory, Beyond Secular Reason, Being Reconciled: Ontology, Hume versus Kant: Faith, Reason and Feeling Modern Theology, (with Pickstock, C) Truth in Aquinas, and The Future of Love. He co-authored other books and has published widely in academic journals.