Social Studies

The Quest for Contentment

A study of Drug abuse habits in Malta", DISCERN, 2004

Not a Euthanasia

Includes two studies assessing attitudes towards euthanasia and assisted suicide anong Maltese doctors and among the public. Also includes a series of relevant documents on the subject.een published either as formal or as internal reports. DISCERN, Malta, 2008

Catholic Family Values

Civil Marriage & Marital breakdown. DISCERN, Malta, 2007

The Word of God

A Research Survey for the Synod of Bishops 2008. DISCERN, Malta, 2007

Towards a Healthy Marriage in Malta

Lecture by Prof. C. Savona-Ventura. DISCERN, Malta, 2007

Falling Church Attendance: Has Anything gone wrong?

Benjamin Tonna Lecture by Prof. Robin Gill. DISCERN, 2007

Violence in Maltese Society

DISCERN, Malta 2007

A Profile of Trust in the Professions in Maltese Society - 2002-2003

Report assessing the trust attitudes of Maltese society in various professions and professional bodies based on computer-assisted telephone surveys conducted during 2002-03. DISCERN, Malta, 2004

Delivering the message: An analysis of the Media used by the Church in Malta

An analytical study of the role of the Church media in transmitting its message as analysed by a series of telephone interviews conducted during 2002-03. DISCERN, Malta, 2004

Devotees of Venus: A history of Sexuality in the Maltese Islands

Includes a historical survey of sexuality attitudes throughout the centuries. The final chapter analysis the socio-biological problems associated with out-of-wedlock pregnancies. DISCERN, 2003

Maltese Clergy - Statistics

Maltese Clergy - Statistics. DISCERN 2002

Maltese Clergy

Maltese Clergy - Statistics. DISCERN, 2002

Emigration & Asylum Seekers

Emigration & Asylum Seekers Statistics Report prepared by Rev. Dr. J. Inguanez, 2002

Domestic Abuse in Maltese Society

Includes a published paper reporting the results of a WHO questionnaire study on domestic abuse in Malta made available with the authors' permission. DISCERN, 2001